Torey Tomsovic

About how old were you when you came out? How was the climate you grew up in?

I was about 19 when I ‘came out’ i didn’t really have a big announcement. Just put I had a gf on fb lol. The climate was definitely a bit broken – unhealthy habits in my parents, lack of guidance and divorce. Things were vastly different from my young age to when my parents got remarried. It was hard for me to adjust. 

Did you make career choices that allowed you to feel comfortable being open about your sexuality? (Are you out or feel comfortable being out at your workplace?)

I never really thought about politics or belief systems when choosing a workplace when I was younger but now I have those standards in place as I have gotten older! I am out at work and yes I feel comfortable but after having poor experiences before this has to be the norm for me  or I won’t work at said place. 

If you could tell your younger self something about yourself that you are proud of today, what would it be?

You will find passions and empathy in yourself  you never thought possible. 

Have you tried to surround yourself with like-minded peers/colleagues? If so, how? 

I have in the recent years, yes. I also choose to have a small circle. I find the people who I have  met online and in person that are like minded and have similar morals just stick now. 

Who were your role models growing up? What tv shows/movies allowed you to feel seen?

When I was younger I think teachers were who I respected most and I just got really attached to them in general. When I was a teenager I remember watching Degrassi and south of nowhere which were  the first shows I saw with any lgbtqia+ characters on it which really interested me! (I was not allowed to watch them so I did it really sneaky lol)

Complete the sentence if I knew that you can create your own life and family back when I was first figuring myself out, I would tell my younger self that things actually do get better for you even if they are really lonely and hard right now – you will be a person that you can actually like. 


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